Experience a new and unique Strandkorb rental in Oceanside and San Diego, CA.  

Enjoy and have a a nice time witch the German Strandkorb


While visiting California beaches, Klaus and Regina came from Germany on vacation and noticed beach goers made do with blankets, beach towels and folding chairs.  When seating was available, it usually came in the form of concrete benches and tables.  Recognizing American beaches lacked the comfortable seating that Europeans enjoyed on their beaches, they saw an opportunity to provide an unique and popular German product that would address the need for comfort and convenience on the beach.  They decided to open Oceanside Cabanas, the first luxury beach chair rental company of its kind in the U.S.


Oceanside Cabanas are beach chairs for all generations and for every season.  For those who want to enjoy the beach in the summer, these unique cabanas offer protection from the sun, wind and sand.  For those who want to enjoy the beach in the winter, these cabanas offer protection from the cold, wind and rain.  



A typical luxury beach chair seats two people.  The back can be reclined into a comfortable sunbathing position.  There is a small folding table for snacks and drinks.  The box underneath the seat can be locked to secure cell phones, cameras, tablets and other items normally brought to the beach.  The drawers can be pulled out for leg rests, making this chair a remarkably comfortable experience.


special days in the year 2016

your birthday    this day is                         free

weeding  day     this day is                        50 % off  

mothers day   7/8             two days                                                    $ 50

Cinco de Mayo 05/30       05/29+ 05/30                                             $ 50      

July/4                                 long day at 07 a.m - 08 p.m                     $ 40

Labor day 09/05               this day is                                                  50 % off             

Thanksgiving Day 11/24   this day is                                                  50 % off

Chrismas day        12/25   this day is                                                  50 % off

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